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The Presbyteral Council within the Roman Catholic (RC) Military Ordinariate of Canada (MILORD) is a council of priests who are affiliated with MILORD. They have established a network of priests who, when consulted, give advice to the Military Bishop along with dealing with the concerns of the priests who are incardinated or are associated with the Military Bishop.

Officially, it is stated as follows: “The Presbyteral Council of the RC Military Ordinariate of Canada is the council of representatives of the presbyterium responsible for helping the Bishop, in accordance with the law of governance of the Military Ordinariate, in promoting, as effectively as possible, the well-being of the Ordinariate’s priests, as well as the spiritual well-being of that portion of God’s people who are entrusted to him.”

The Presbyteral Council is made up of 4 elected priestly members from the 4 regions of Canada. The Vicar General is also an ex officio member. The Military Bishop may also add priests to the council, but at least half of the council must be elected by the voting priests. With this representation, concerns and issues are presented for discussion and submitted to the Bishop only as an advisory body. The Presbyteral Council cannot act on its’ own as it requires the Military Bishop to promulgate any decisions made from the Council.

Maj (Rev) Bastien Leclerc is currently the President of Presbyteral Council.